Behind the Scenes

Taking the Plunge

We believe this documentary will change the entire view about the issue of “fearful swimmers” and how they can overcome their varying degrees of fear surrounding water.

“Some photos of us on location filming our documentary titled “Taking the Plunge” that focuses on the importance of knowing how to swim. The film follows aquatic therapist Jeff Krieger president of WaterPhobias, as he uses a unique approach to help individuals who are frighten by being in or around water conquer their fear.It is our goal that this film will touch lives and truly serve as a motivator to increase swimmers in this country and hopefully help reduce the number of drowning deaths in the U.S.”

From On Location: The filming of “Taking the Plunge”, posted by Falcon – Rattler Media, LLC (FRM) on 4/24/2013 (48 items)

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