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Thanks everyone for donating to our "Taking the Plunge" Kickstarter fundraiser campaign and for spreading the word. We made our goal!

Everybody knows at least one person who can't swim, or who doesn't like water, or who is just plain scared of it and this film will help them. Don't become a statistic... learn how you can help eliminate that nagging FEAR of being in or around water!

Exciting News!!!

A Falcon-Rattler Film


“Taking the Plunge” focuses on the topic of aquaphobia and drowning prevention by raising awareness to the topic of fearful swimmers. Studies show that over 100-million Americans are afraid of water and more than fifty percent of them have a desire to learn how to swim. This documentary acknowledges this FEAR as a real issue. It highlights the S.O.A.P program (Strategies Overcoming Aquatic Phobias), created by aquatic therapist Jeff Krieger of Waterphobias, LLC whose special aquatic program takes a unique approach in helping individuals who are frighten by being in or around water conquer this fear.'”

A Note From the Director:

It’s 2016 and we are going to London! This film festival season is highlighted by the invitation to the British Urban Film Festival!  We are overwhelmed as the exposure of our full length documentary film ‘Taking the Plunge’ continues to grow and humbled to have an award winning film that is being premiered internationally. BUFF will screen our film during this year’s festival at ODEON Cinamas September 17, 2016 in the Camden neighborhood of London, England.

This is another opportunity for us to educate a new community. We will reach a new demographic and shed light on this FEAR. The hope, as always, is to wake up the viewers and have them acknowledge fear of water as a real issue. Enjoy our latest trailer. This one is specifically for BUFF!

Again, I personally thank you so very much for your donations and continuing support!

– Shawnelle

PS. Always grateful to H20, my friends who provided their hit single “Yes I Can” for our documentary film. Check them out on all social media outlet from their Reverb Nation page.

Support Taking the Plunge
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The ultimate goal of this film is to reduce the number of drowning deaths.
We believe that by motivating non-swimmers to take advantage of local resources to learn basic swimming skills through the proper training,
we can change our future.

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