Taking the Plunge Kickstarter featured in Aqua Magazine

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FRM’s Documentary fundraiser campaign featured in Aqua Magazine

With hopes to help eliminate the FEAR of being in and around water Aqua Magazine sounds off in support of Falcon-Rattler Media’s upcoming documentary “Taking the Plunge.”
Read the excerpt below:
Documentary Seeks to Eliminate Fear of Water
The fear of swimming cripples people everywhere. Not only is this problematic for those with that affliction — it’s a critical life skill, after all — but it directly impacts the pool industry, which relies on a body of customers who value safety as much as they value a good backyard experience. 
To help eliminate the fear of swimming, independent filmmaker Shawnelle King has created a documentary called “Taking the Plunge.”
The film follows three women who strive to overcome their fears with the help of aquatic therapist Jeff Krieger, whose program called S.O.A.P. was developed especially for people with a fear of water.  
A preview of the documentary is below, but to see the whole thing, King is asking for donations to help finish the project.
As of right now, the project has a little more than $2,000 behind it, and has 10 days to reach its $8,500 goal. Click here to learn
more about the film.  

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