A Note From the Director:

The excitement continues as the 2015 film festival season is underway!  We are honored that our full length documentary film ‘Taking the Plunge’ has been selected as a feature in the 2015 Capital City Black Film Festival. CCBFF will screen our film during this year’s festival that will take place August 13-15, 2015 at the Palmer Events Center in Austin, TX.

This is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY for us to educate others about this FEAR and have them acknowledge it as a real issue. After viewing our film, attendees will be able to encourage any fearful swimmer they may know and motivate them to begin their own journey towards conquering their FEAR of swimming.

You can keep up with us this season by visiting our Facebook Page for information about our upcoming events. We will keep the pictures coming so that you can continue on this journey with us.

Again, I personally thank you so very much for your donations and continuing support!

– Shawnelle

PS. Special Thanks to H20, the group who provided their hit single “Yes I Can” to be featured exclusively in our documentary film. Check them out on all social media outlet from their Reverb Nation page.

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