A Note From the Director:

I am so excited for the 2015 film festival season! We are getting out on the road to share the film and its powerful message to help fearful swimmers. We hope to change the lives of the millions of people who suffer from some form of aquaphobia. It is our goal to inspire you to embark on a journey that will result in you “Taking the Plunge.”

The year of 2014 was a great for us at Falcon-Rattler Media and so much of that is thanks to you! Your donations and support have been invaluable to the process of producing and directing this film. We could not have done it without you. Hearing the stories of people that have been touched by the film and encouraged to learn how to swim has made this incredible journey the most satisfying and rewarding.

In the spirit of water Safety Month, I would like to inform you, our most prized supporters, that the Taking the Plunge DVD and Digital Download will be available in the coming weeks. Continue to check back for the announcement. There was a lot of hard work and vulnerability from myself and others involved in the project that I hope comes across as you enjoy your personal copy of the film. You can also get a closer look at the making of the film, visit our Facebook Page to see the behind the scenes pictures. There are also pictures of the premiere and other information about our upcoming events.

Again, I personally thank you so very much for your donations and continuing support!

– Shawnelle

PS. Special Thanks to H20, the group who provided their hit single “Yes I Can” to be featured exclusively in our documentary film. Check them out on all social media outlet from their Reverb Nation page.

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