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    Taking the Plunge has been selected for

    2016 Black Urban Film Festival


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    This all started with an idea and a Kickstarter campaign! Taking the Plunge Documentary has been changing lives since.


  • You can continue to support the Falcon Rattler Media documentary "Taking the Plunge" by visiting us here! Your not for profit donations are steam that powers our dream!
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FRM is a comprehensive media group that produces innovative work and quality consulting through all five phases of filmmaking:

Development is the first step and one of the longest phases of a project. At FRM we give adequate thought to your project, what you hope to accomplish and how it will actually work. The time invested in development with us, guarantees you get the end result you are looking for.

The more experienced the moviemaker, the more time and energy they will invest in pre-production. At FRM every scene, every shot, every logistical detail is planned out. We believe the more variables you can eliminate in pre-production, the more creative freedom you will have in production.

Production is the phase most people are familiar with. The execution of carefully crafted plans set FRM above the rest!  Our experience profession combine industry know how with ingenuity and improvisation to give you a classic product. 

Post Production is also a reasonably familiar term. However, at FRM Post Production is not limited to editing. Editing is only the first step in our process. Sound design and music are critical to the success of your movie and can be more emphatic than the image along. Color correction, visual effects and titling are all essential elements that FRM brings style and brilliance to.

This is the part that really matters. This is where we actually get your projects in front of your audience. No matter the reason for the work — professional, self-realization, marketing, nonprofit, etc — FRM is there to provide a personalized distribution plan to suit your digital and conventional needs.





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